Thursday, 9 November 2017

Second Heavy Gear Blitz KickStarter

After a month's delay to fulfill their Jovian Wars KickStarter, Dream Pod 9 have announced a launch date for their Heavy Gear Blitz expansion. I understand it will be in the next couple of days.  If you've not been following their FaceBook page I recommend looking at some of the renders they've been posting, and the tease for the Gilgamesh tank looks really interesting.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely I can pledge due to my other financial commitment, namely publishing Bad Dog.  But if I could I would, so check it out.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I don't frequent their facebook page ever and only occasionally go to their forums so may have missed out on the news otherwise.

  2. Is this a good KS for HG newbies or is it better for those already into the game system?

    1. It depends what you mean by newbie? If you mean someone who knows nothing, and or doesn't know where to Start? Then I guess you want a basic starter package that they did with the first KickStarter. But, if you like the models, then I really can't see why you couldn't start here, because the rules are free, and each faction works in its own right.

      The question is, do you play casual or do you like diving into the setting? And again, these models would work for both positions.

      So yeah, go for it if you like them. And what's not to like about stompy, walking tanks?

  3. Not sure if I will back this, though their newest Utopia gears are just short of amazing.
    I hadn't seen a release date for the KS yet, so thanks a lot for mentioning it.

  4. Well, finally. After an unseemly delay this has now launched. Can't help but feel they cut it fine. Still, i wish them a successful KickStarter campaign.