Friday, 16 June 2017

Some More Size Comparisons

Didn't realize that two of the little Dogs had broken arms, they're that tiny, but you can see it in the picture.

Back here I took some pictures of GZGs not VOTOMS, but I was asked if I could take a picture showing them next to other mecha.  Hopefully, people will now be able to see the relative sizes of GZG Dogs, Heavy Gear and BattleTech mechs.

NB: If you compare the old pictures of the little Dogs to this new one the increase in quality between my old camera and my new one is quite remarkable.


  1. I had forgotten about the tiny votoms! Nice size comparison shot. Do you know when those battletech minis were sculpted/designed? Are they more recent ones from Iron Wind or the classic ones?

    1. Those are the classics that I believe are still available from Iron Wind, but I may have got them through Ral-Partha Europe.

  2. That's a size comparison you don't service very often.
    With the huge size difference it probably wasn't easy to get them all in focus.

    1. Used super secret focus stacking program, which probably isn't super secret anymore!?


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