Monday, 15 February 2016

Jovian Chronicles


Over on Fire Broadside! there's an interview with Robert Dubois from Dream Pod 9 about new their exo armor miniatures for the Jovian Chronicles game.  Colour me excited because Gundam space battle games are few and far between and Jovian Chronicles is meant to be rather good.  So I'm keeping an eye on the new releases and given that I now have a part time job I may be int he position to buy some in the future.


  1. Thanks for the update and link. I'm glad that they're doing something with the Jovian Chronicles line. While I preferred HG, I still liked the Mekton universe as well and had some minis as well as a few editions of the rules (since they unfortunately suffered from the same glut of editions every 2 years as HG).

    1. I'm sanguine about most games because I have a tendency to go my own way and do House rules.

  2. That definitely works but only if you've got someone willing to try it onsistently. That last part is what always gets me. It doesn't seem like the attitude towards custom rules sets or house rules is as open over here in the US, especially with regards to smaller games outside of the top 3-5 sellers.

    1. Definitely a culture difference and perhaps an age difference too.


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