Sunday, 27 December 2015

Post Xmas Stuffing


Ah, Xmas day chillaxing while listening to Top of the Pops followed by The Queens speech, which officially means something as I would have chewed my leg off if I could've when young to avoid listening to her, and afterwards we saw the Dr Who Xmas Special that was wonderful.

This Xmas I received a bunch of stuff.

This years theme was accessories for archery: shooting glasses to replace the Oakley's I managed to lose during my first weeks training course, a stringer so I can put the string on my bow, a stand for said aforementioned bow, and a GapFit top that's all technical, as in wicks sweat.

Being a fan of John Williams music I also got the Star Wars: The Force Awakens OST which will provide me with hours of listening entertainment.  All rounded off with a copy of the new Mad Max film and both seasons of Dark Angel.  To say the least, I've been spoiled by my partner once more, and wonder what I've done to deserve her? 

Not much wargaming stuff in my Xmas haul but there's the Heavy Gear KickStarter due next year to look forward too, and if I can sell my novel I may feel able to justify spending time painting some miniatures.

So, that just leaves me to hope you all got things you wanted, and had a good time over the holiday period.  See you in the New Year.


  1. Good luck with the archery! I love field archery at Wye Valley Archery, but sadly don't have much time to attend:(

    1. Looks like a good site you have there.

  2. I visit the Wye Valley range as well, its only about half an hour from me. Alas I too don't have enough time to go there regularly. Maybe we should have a wargamers day out there when there isn't a mahoosive storm blowing through :)

    1. Definitely. We could do archery in the day and a wargame afterwards for example.

  3. I see it's a bit wet at the moment:


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