Saturday, 28 November 2015


The Oshkosh HEMTT-LHS prototype.
In an effort to get my wargaming mojo back, which seems to have gone walkabout of late, I decided that I need to work on something.  Me being me, rather than restart one of my current projects, I chose instead to work on something different.

As those who come and read here regularly know I'm currently obsessed with writing several novels set in  the near future.  In the second and third novels my hero leads a mission off-world an I took my inspiration from the current US military HEMMTs.  And there are lots of variants.

In my novel the team uses an Oshkosh M2184, a Heavy Utility High-Mobility Tactical Truck (HUHMTT) which carries palletized loads in standard ISO shipping containers with a palletized loading system.

Now I want a model.

The metal M977 actually looks OK next to my models but the castings are rough.  The resin version is nice but a bit too dainty.
So I bought a QRF M977 which is a 15mm model.  My Heavy Gear combat armour suit conversions are nominally 12mm but because it's SF, where scale is relative to time and space (BTW that's a joke) I thought being a bit larger wouldn't matter.  However, I was less than impressed with the quality of the casting and put it to one side to consider my options.  Then I went bought a resin Kami de Korokoro M997 from Hobby Japan which is nicely cast but true 1/144th scale and just looks a bit too small next to my combat armour suits.

The M977 metal and resin chassis next to some Takara VOTOMS vehicles.

However, I have a bunch of Takara vehicles that came with the VOTOMS I bought a long time ago and I'm looking at making something up using parts from them.  So my plan is to play around with bits of plastic that I have to hand and see what I can come up with.  As the advertising people say, Watch This Space!

Finally, I hope that all my American readers had a good Thanksgiving day, got some bargains in the black Friday sales and generally had a good time.


  1. Looking at the various bits, I suspect the hardest thing to get right will be body clearance - those VOTOMS vehicles are very clearly high-body "moon buggy" style for super rough terrain, while the resin 977 looks too low if anything.

    Do you have a wargaming use for these? I mean, trucks can be mission objectives, but can anything more be done with them? A game in which a convoy ambush leads directly to logistical effects in the next game would be lovely…

    1. I have no specific wargame use for these, other than motivate myself to get back into painting stuff to play more games. You've reminded me that I have a bunch of Ogre/GEV trucks to strip and paint up to play the convoy scenario which I've never played.

      I think that players are reluctant to play games where the models only purpose is to be there as something that their opponent can shoot up. But I can imagine a game where trucks and other HQ elements are on board and serve a purpose other than juicy target needing to be taken for victory points. Writing the rules for said scenario is a non-trivial thing.

  2. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this. No way to maybe file down some of the edges on the QRF model to sharpen it up?

    1. I did consider doing that as an option and then gave up the will to live. Once one gets into and then I hand-carved into the whitemetal the details one filed off one is really onto a losing proposition as regards a fun project.

  3. Don't forget the Matchbox one:

    1. Just a teensy bit too large (even for 15mm but especially for 12mm -1/144th scale), otherwise I would have been allover them.

  4. Heavy Gear has some trucks for Polar factions IIRC and you may want to check out the various Gundam and Macross garage bay terrain kits as they usually have utility vehicles. I've always focused on the combat vehicles as a priority but I have to admit that the southern HG mech transport was very tempting (and an absolute steal in price compared to normal dp9 resin prices).


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