Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Combat Armour Tweaks

Back here I posted a couple of pictures of the models I'd converted, with the caveat that I needed a missile pod to be able to finish it.  The part has arrived, and has been fitted.  Huzzah and loud cheering all round.

I still think the rotary cannon I made up turned out rather well.

I've also finished the Milliputing the aerials, and filing it all smooth on the big suit too, which is looking pretty awesome.

In addition I decided to add a missile pack to one other CASE-2X suits, because I thought it look unbalanced when compared to its other three squad mates.

I also commented here that I wasn't totally happy one of my weapon conversions so I went back and modified it.  It's basically the folding field gun with an ammo bin attached to the bottom of it.

So that's that.  Once I've finished the Utopian Alph/Beta squad modifications I can clear my work bench so I can do some painting.  And oh boy do I have a lot of painting to catch up, what with everything that I've been working on recently.  There are even spaceships...

So I hope I'm leaving you all waiting in anticipation for what's to come?


  1. Lovely work and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. You me both. I think that the enlargement are very cruel to these models, which look a lot smother when seen in the flesh.

  2. I really like that rotary cannon.

    The over-the-shoulder elements seem oversized, but I think that's partly an effect of having to model this stuff in mere metal at this scale - support members need to be big not to snap off.

    Presumably these are fairly dumb missiles, otherwise you'd VLS them out of a backpack without having to poke things out of cover.

    1. The answer is it varies. Part of it is down to practicalities, it's what I have to work with. Part of it is down to handling considerations, and these pictures are, depending on your screen setting eight time up, each model is approximately 28mm tall.

      VLS is great on ship, but I'm not sure its been deployed on armoured cars and light fighting vehicles, which is wha these are. Though now you'vementioned the idea I will have to consider it for later use.

    2. Those would be rockets, direct fire munitions. No guidance other than the ballistics computers installed aboard Heavy Gears. Also, modular design for snap reloading during a break in combat. Remove one at the hinge, clamp another on. Hence the shoulder mount.

      As for Miss Ashley's work, it is rather well thought out. The other part - a vertical launch system - can be found on one Heavy Gear, the Chevalier, from the New Coalition.

    3. Cheers for the compliment.

      A question for you. The first mech, I'm still pondering over WTF the weapon in the left hand should be, I was thinking either a grenade launcher or auto-mortar. What do you think?

      My idea is that it has a largish ammo bin to carry different types of rounds: smoke, HEAB, Willy Pete and perhaps napalm.

  3. Nice to see some northern armor angles there and not just the southern smoothies! No shortage of weapons on those mechs to choose from either. Are you differentiating the various looks in any way by faction like HG does or is it just manufacturer preference in the world fluff?

    1. The latter I guess, if I've understood your question correctly. These three mechs are all American forces combat armour suits from the world of Bad Dog.

  4. Where would we be without Milliput. :)


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