Sunday, 16 November 2014

Warfare 2014: Reading

New from GZG, and I saw the first casts of the 6mm Hound Dog's conversions, which will be available in the New Year.

Well we toddled off again this year to Warfare and had a jolly good time talking to friends we met at the show.  In no particular order John Treadaway, Henry Hyde, and Jon & Mel at GZG.  I didn't buy anything at the show, but I did have a lovely chat with Daryl from KR Multicase and resulted in me walking away with two replacement trays, and all I can say is what a great guy.

Warmill RUM Outpost and Heavy Industries walker on display.

Atenocitis spider tanks in 15 & 28 mm caught my eye.  Rather nice looking models.

Mutineer Miniatures castle walls looked very nice.

I also talked to the guy from Mutineer Miniatures, who I think was Kenny, but might have been Mark, my bad, about a Scottish show they go to, which was also interesting, and may lead to a guest post by them here at some point.

I forgot to note who presented this rather nice Cowboy & Indians game.
Wings of Glory Forum put on a couple of WW1 games and had this rather impressive Zeppelin on display, they also had more WOW aircraft than you could shake a stick at all displayed in their KR Multicase trays to oggle at.


  1. You didn't buy anything at a wargame show???
    Please tell me how you do that, pretty please

  2. Spotted you near the Wings of Glory game and I was going to try and persuade you to have a game but I was diverted and by the time I had disentangled myself you'd gone. C'est la vie

  3. Bah. All these recent shows Up North that I've missed. Yesterday I had to be Up North and the show was practically local. Could do with some KR boxes too.

    1. They have new custom foam for X-Wing that take the blockade runner. I will need to buy a box of KR foam after Xmas.

  4. It was us at Skirmish Wargames (I say us, I didn't contribute anything to the game this time, I just turned up and played!) who put on the 54mm "Cowboys and Indians" game. Although technically it was fur trappers being mauled by Indians in the Rocky Mountains!
    I too managed to get away without buying anything, which is a real first...

    1. Ah that makes sense. Marked as TBA in the guide and online.