Sunday, 10 March 2013

New Glasses for Painting

I have some new glasses for painting with.  Designed to give me ultra close-up vision, which work up to a point, but I'm getting old and it is still hard to see as well as I use to.  At this rate I'll be up-scaling to 30mm, or whatever 25mm is called nowadays?  As you can see above I've started works on some more Scope Dogs, and below some Diving Beetles from VOTOMS so that I have some figures to play Heavy Gear Blitz with.

I have played a couple of games of HGB with Roger and we are planning to meet up sometime to play a few more.  I have mixed feelings about the rules.  On one hand there is a great little game trying to break out of the book, on the other the layout of the rule book is less than optimal, which makes it hard to find the rules.  On the rules side of thing, some of the writing is overly complex, or maybe I should say that the rules explain simple things in an overly complex way with too much jargon for my taste.  YMMV.

The great parts of  the game are the artwork, back story and general design of the Gears.  I am slowly getting my NuCoal Jerboa painted too, as can be seen below.



  1. Yes, what they really need - being fair, what an awful lot of wargames and RPGs could do with - is an experienced technical writer who doesn't yet know the game, and who can write stuff down as he learns it.

    1. You'd be a good choice for that you know.

  2. Well, the glasses are working! I am a gentleman of a certain age, ahem, and I use magnifiers that fit on a band around my head for painting. (I use something similar for work). So when you find the strain too much, perhaps something like this may help?

    1. I need the glasses just to be able to use an optivisor equivalent. Long sighted for my sins, and can't get my eyes to accommodate to the distance I need to see to paint clearly.

  3. Welcome to the world of old farts! I have just had to up the power of my reading glasses - again!

  4. I had a pair of close up glasses with a shorter focal length as my free second pair a couple of years back. I still have a magnifier as well, but then I've always used one for close up work (well, when I say always, - for the last 10 years).

    I paint mainly 15mm, but I've done 6mm as well with them. Upscaling doesn't help, - you just end up painting more detail, so a 28mm figure is just as bad as a 6mm if you can't see it.

  5. I need my reading glasses just to see the computer any more.


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