Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pan European 7th Demi Brigade Légion Etrangère


Like most of my stuff, I've had these a long time, having bought the original Pan European vehicle miniatures when they first released in 1992. I bought a shed load, as too many miniatures is not a concept that I readily understand!

Unfortunately, the bad news is that I have not painted all of them yet, the good news is that I still have a shoe box full of blisters of Pan European vehicles to paint in the future. Yay!

A part of me want to go and strip my North American Combine Ogres and paint them in this green camo to match, while repainting my Pan European Ogres in yellow, because then my yellow force would be French Foreign Legion etc, etc. However, life is too short, and quite frankly I don't give that much of a dam about matching in universe concepts with what happens on my gaming table.

After all the main reason for modelling and playing SF games, for me, is that I can use my own imagination and please myself, without being tied down to any manufacturers, or games company universe. If I wanted to do that, I would do historical stuff. Then I had that dumb is clever light bulb moment, why repaint when I can just relabel the units, and hey presto these are now my 7th Demi Brigade Légion Etrangère force.

NB: Since posting this I've renamed this force 7ème Brigade Blindée, just in case you're reading this and are confused by the two names.


  1. Sweet looking armor. I would not want to face that in opposition!

  2. Those hovercraft look fast! I could see them flanking an enemy quite readily while the tracked armor keeps the enemy in place. Cool!

  3. I have a bunch of Ogre/GEV minis I bought mostly to use as proxy minis for Battletech. So far I have a company of light tanks, and another company of heavies painted up and ready for play, not that I think I want to play Battletech with two companies of tanks, but it would be interesting!

    I don't mean to dis Ogre, it was my first wargame, and it's still a favorite.

    Reinwood99 wrote> "Those hovercraft look fast!"

    They are fast. In the game they get to move twice: Move-fire-move, They are very hard to catch.

  4. Got to love the SJG GEVs. I've got a whole parcel of them to finish up, IIRC about four Company's worth i.e. the same again three times over.