Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Downtown Mogadishu 1


I got a bunch of buildings for Xmas
from the 15mm range from Fieldworks, which are still awaiting their turn through the Paint-it-Pink workshop. Given that it is now June and they are still in the plastic bags I guess I'll be lucky to get them finished by next Xmas at the rate I'm going. 

  However, some of the buildings in this post don't appear to be available for sale at this time. Sorry about that, they obviously withdraw and replace models according to sales.

I'm tempted to buy another three of the above building, which is still available, so that I could make a square block using them around a crossroad, or alleyway. All of the buildings in the Fieldworks range come with accessible interiors thorough using removable floors and roofs. The pictures below show how the interior works.

Overall, I think these are pretty neat buildings, and I really must get around to painting them soon.

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