Sunday, 1 November 2009

Busy Blogging About Stuff

I'm starting to think that blogging is what one does to tell others what has got in the way today of doing stuff. I've been busy this weekend, what with going to a Halloween party last night, sleeping in late this morning and then reading a BattleTech book in bed.

What decadent luxury.

In the time in-between I've been working on my terrain boards a bit more, having had one of those classic two steps forward and one step moments.

I had built nine boards on thinner foam board than I usually use, due to mistakenly buying the wrong size.

As a result the boards were a bit bendy, not being stiff enough. For some of the boards I was able to just skim some extra filler over the top to thicken up some areas. The other boards required that I laminate another base layer onto the bottom, and then carve and reshape the top so that they would still match my other finished boards.

This was actually surprising hard work and I built up quite a sweat doing the job, but it was a bit depressing to see the boards needing to be re-textured with foam and be repainted all over again.

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