Wednesday, 19 August 2009

First Post

Well I thought it was about time that I started blogging, because it strikes me as a useful tool to help one get away from "Real Life
(TM)". So, expect to see stuff on BattleTech, Science Fiction and other related hobby time activities that I spend my spare time doing in due course. Until then...


  1. Well, hey. I would email a sample writeup to you but do not have your email address.

    The key to a blog is having something to say. For the first three years of my blog, I had very little to say. Now I do. When are you going to put some pics of your work up here?


  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere PiP!

    I'm going to disagree with Steve just a bit - blogging is more than just having something to say, it's about finding an audience and having a conversation with other bloggers. For me that means spending as much or more time reading and commenting on other blogs at least as I do writing my own.

    So ... what do you want to talk about? :-)

  3. Well you can see my next post for that, but it will always be about stuff that interests me, being egocentric and all!


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