Monday, 16 January 2017

Battlemech Group Shot

As you've read in my last blog post, I recently had cause to take my battlemech models off the shelf to take pictures of them, which meant dusting them and then getting my terrain boards out and setting them up to look interesting.  I can't show you any of those yet, because they were taken for a magazine article that I didn't write and know nothing about.  As and when the article appears in print I'll post the unused pictures here.

Anyway,  I have 47 mechs ready to plonk on the table top anytime I want to play a game, and looking at my workbench I have another 42 in various stages of being painted.  This doesn't include the tanks, APCs, helicopters, artillery, and infantry I have to paint either.

So when I put my mechs back on the shelf I sorted them out into combat groups and I really do have a lot of mechs and infantry ready to go.  If all goes well this year I may even be getting the opportunity to put them on the table and play with them too.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Miniature Wargame Issue 406

All the models, buildings and terrain were assembled and painted by me.

There are some BattleTech pictures I took for an article on Alpha Strike by Joe McCullough in the upcoming issue #406 of Miniature Wargames.  A preview of the contents can be found here.  Once I know what pictures I took that weren't used I will post them for everyone to see.


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Miniature Wargames do offer print overseas subscriptions – but it's quite a step up in price due to the postal fees. link £76 GBP per annum for US customers

Friday, 6 January 2017

Two More Russian Walkers

Over the Xmas period I had about four days of hobby time that was taken up with a request to take some pictures for a magazine, and then there was writing a reflection on last year for my other blog.  Despite those distractions I have still managed to make some progress building things.  In this case two more conversion of Caprice Heavy Gear models from the Dream Pod 9 KickStarter.

I'm now pondering over whether to have my Russian walker Company with 20 models or whether I will never need more than 11.  My inner slacker is saying 11 walkers is more than enough, but quantity has a quality all of its own.  It really depends on how the rules pan out, which given I've done nothing on them makes answering this question impossible.

The wargamers burden.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

I've been taking some pictures and I thought it would be nice to welcome in the new year with an Atlas, just because I can.  So, let me wish all my friends and readers of my blog a very happy new year, and thank you one and all for taking the time to come here and read my posts.  I really appreciate the fact that others find what I do and say of interest.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Xmas 2016

Let me wish all my readers a very merry bah humbug, because it's that time of the year when people eat, drink and open presents time.  I have no pithy observations about life, happiness or anything else that you all haven't read before, but here's to painting toy soldiers and playing games.  May you forever roll high.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Xmas Comes Early: Extra-Read All About it!

Went shopping today for the usual food stuff and found a card from the Post Office that they were holding a parcel of mine with a ransom to be paid before I could have my stuff: some 15mm figures from Clear Horizon.  I was so excited I just had to rush out to go collect them.

Now all I've got to do is find the time to start working on them, but first I must have a bath (I know I'm such a tease).  More pictures to come in due course.  Still, if you look closely you can see my progress on the plastic Ammon mount I'm making up.

Edit: Breaking News

Out of my bath and I've started assembling them.

Did I mention I was a wee bit excited by these?

Friday, 16 December 2016

Size Comparison Part Two


Back here I did a size comparison of Heavy Gear walkers with some modern tanks to 1/144th scale.  The comparison was most illuminating and it begged a question, how would a 15mm tank look with the walkers, and would I be better off making my Bad Dog project in 15mm?

I just made up a Visigoth Khan tank made by Dream Pod 9 for their Heavy Gear game.

So what we have here are a 10mm scale Abrams with a 15mm Abrams from Battlefront Miniatures next to a Dream Pod 9 Visigoth Khan to show, as my friend David Barrow said, it's way too large to be a 1/144th scale tank.  As you can see it's enormous, so large that it might make a good giant cybertank, except that the proportions aren't quite right and it would be a lot of work to convert.

The Acco snuck in front for comparison as to whether it's suitable for a manned walker if it were treated as a 1/100th scale 15mm wargame model?

This only brings home a point I always make that 15mm is a size and 1/100th is a scale, and while one may use the former to work with the latter (15mm figures with 1/100th scale kits), the figures are not to a scale.  For a start wargame figures are stylized caricatures of real people.  Don't get me wrong, they're full of character, which true scale figures are not, but what that amounts to is larger hands and head etc. that are out of proportion to real life.

TL;DR: What is good for wargaming, figures one can relate too, is not necessarily accurate to a fixed scale.

Why am I going on about this?  Simple really, my Bad Dog conversions of 12mm Heavy Gear's look to be more suitable to represent 15mm combat armour suits.  And as for the Accos, they'll manned by very short men and women pilots.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Team Yankee


My friend Graham Worsfield has been talking about Team Yankee and his Chieftan tanks.  For me 15mm WW3 games are out of the question given I only have a 40 x 45 inch table.  It would be hard enough to have large games fighting over the Fulda Gap in 1/300th, let alone 15mm.

I only mention this in passing, not because I'm getting into the game, but rather taking advantage of the plastic tanks they're doing.  In particular the Abrams and T72s.  My AK47R project has been languishing unloved in a box going nowhere for a number of years, six to be precise.  This was down to me becoming dissatisfied with the basing conventions of the game, which meant every thing ground to a halt and then I saw some thing else that was shiny.

However, given some recent navel gazing, pondering on wargame scales and toy soldiers – all very deep and meaningful stuff I can assure you – I'm feeling a bit more love for my 15mm lead pile.  So this is me planning, plotting and preparing for when TooFat Lardies release Fighting Season, which I intend to use as the basis for Mogadishu inspired games.

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