Friday, 20 November 2020

Update for Gate Walker Rules: Post 2

Three new Combat Armor Suits representing the mecha in my universe.

Well, I threw my current draft, mostly notes, together, and sent it to a friend who has shown interest in working with me on the project.

Working title is now Bad Dog; though that may change again.

I've received the first feedback, and I'm excited. It seems it isn't totally crazy of me to write another set of future combat rules featuring mecha. The emphasis being on plausible future warfare with mecha as a part of the battlescape.

So it looks like it's a go for  C4ISR mission (Communications; Computers; Intelligence; Surveillance; and Reconnaissance) with ECM and ECCM, and morale feeding into when the battlefield becomes an internet of connected things.


  1. Excellent news- I look forward to seeing the first game reports.



    1. It will be a little while because... reasons.

      Seriously, play-testing is a must, and I have some ideas about levels of play that will require more play-testing, then add another level of play-testing with a control group; something we didn't do enough of with OHMU War Machine.

  2. Yeah, if you have some novel mechanics for Electronic Warfare and such then it's probably good to stay mum until you publish it (whether digitally or in print).

    1. Publishing a set of rules is much easier today than back when I wrote OHMU War Machine nearly thirty years ago. One of the things I learnt from that project is the need to plan for failure.

      And rules can fail in so many ways.

      So, there's no race to get these to market for a distribution deal. Instead I plan to assemble a team, then seek Beta game play testers, then send out the rules for play testing from interested, but not necessarily fans of mecha rules per se.

      Maybe the odd 'hostile' BattleTech player or two?