Friday 16 October 2020



I started painting my Buster and during the process I checked the fit of the arm with the rotary cannon and... you guessed, it now fouled with with the backpack engines. Doh!

So I pulled the backpack off the torso, and in the process of doing so chipped some of the paint off.

Hence the title, buggeration.

Engine cylinders blocking the arm from depressing.

Fixing this required remodeling, and so I'm back to square one; only to discover that the missile pack would no longer fit after repositioning the engine cylinders.

More gritting of teeth ensued.

I tried hanging the missile pack off the roll bar, but my first attempt broke, as the part was load bearing. So I thought things through and made a replacement that wouldn't break. 

A montage of the parts modification process.

And here we are, back at square one.

I know. There, there. How sad. Never mind.


Fingers crossed everything goes well from here on. The setbacks with trying new techniques has some bright spots, in that I've learnt a hell of a lot about painting glazes, and what I have to do to achieve a finish that resists wear and tear.

So now it's back to painting. Catch you all on the bounce.


  1. I am constantly reminded that there is no such thing as the 10 minute job! Jobs just get bigger :-)

    1. Ain't that the truth.

      This became a series of failures arriving one after another as I tried to fix one thing that led to another thing no longer working.

      Still, it should look stonking when it's finished.

  2. What are the bars that come out of the back in a split X formation? Is it a sensor web or some sort of electromagnetic protection?

    1. In my minds eye, it's the C4 component: Command; Control; Communication; and Computers. C4 is used as part of the C4ISR mission: Communications; Computers; Intelligence; Surveillance; and Reconnaissance.

      TL;DR: boggled by TLA's its what allows Ferretti to control the combat androids and other asset as described in Ghost Dog.

    2. New acronym/abbreviation invented:

      BTLA;DR: Boggled by Three Letter Acronym: Didn't Read.

  3. I have the urge to think of it as an Insecticon because of my '80s childhood.

    1. Robots in Disguise!

      I was too old to really appreciate Transformers, RoboTech was my into to Japanese anime robot action, then Gundam, then Fang of the Sun Dougram, and others until I found A. T. VOTOMS and the Pailsen Files in particular.

      But it's all good.

    2. Wish we were neighbors :-)

      I got into battletech when my fellow robotech nerds saw the warhammer on the boxed set. This was 1988 and we were the stranger things brats who also did some serious red blue and green boxed set D&D. Our older neighborhood friends were into Gundam and we werent cool enough to borrow the betamax tapes to appreciate them. Some of own gang did get into Gunpla models and we made do with the protoculture magazine for Macross. Mecha manga like Guyver, Gunhed and other contemporaries of the Akira era helped us become lifelong real robot nuts.

    3. It would be nice to have a community of wargaming, model making, and painting enthusiasts within easy reach. You would definitely be on the list.