Monday, 21 September 2015

On My Bench WIP


It has been a while since I last posted and it's all down to going through one of those periods when the paint doesn't flow.  Sometime one gets in the groove and the paint just goes right.  Then there are the times when it doesn't.  But at least I've restarted painting, even if it did involve dropping one model on the floor and having to re-glue it to its base.  So more to come.


  1. I've only just got my painting mojo back, probably due to the evenings drawing in, thus no distractions from the garden etc. Having Blast-Tastic as a deadline also focusses the mind!

  2. It's unlikely I'll be going to Blast-Tastic as I'm a bit broke.

  3. Very nice! Each of the three paint schemes marks a different faction, or just a different size/category of unit within the faction?

    (Sorry if this posts multiple times - the login was all kinds of wacky.)

    1. Three different forces here. Back row are the Air Force, Army and Marines combat armour suits. Center is the Russian PDP Object 295 walker. The other eight are Fats-Cs - Chinese suits that fall between wearable power armour (man size) and combat armour you drive in my Bad Dog universe setting (near future Earth).

  4. Looks good! Will you be lightening up the bases with flock or keeping the darker soil look?

    Also, it appears that you had a very nice time on your recent trip if you came home with those corks to paint on. :)

    1. I shall be lightening them up, but not a big fan of flock.

      Ah the corks, they're little traitors that give me away. ;-)


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