Monday, 13 May 2013

Dropzone Commander

Been a busy week writing, or should I say wresting words out of my skull and typing them one at a time onto a screen as I recount on my writing blog.  What I've been doing gaming wise is getting myself into Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  I'm currently writing a review for Henry at Miniature Wargames.  What I'll say is that the miniatures are sexy and that 10mm is the new 6.

It has been noticed by one of my readers that I've not posted anything about BattleTech recently, and where is the missing battle report.  I will try and find time to write up the notes I made from the last game sometime before the heat death of the universe.  I promise, okay.


  1. Nice! I have just started a standing order for MWvBG at Spirit Games AND I've been eyeing Dropzone Commander since it was released. Perfect combo.

  2. I do like Dropzone commander but (I have to admit) I'm eager to see that Bat Rep too!

    1. Me too, but it is all about the time it takes and using that to write novels has become my main priority.