Sunday, 8 August 2010

MechWarrior Born


Well I've just got back from visiting my God children in Brighton. I went because it was their mum's birthday, so I took a bunch of MechWarrior figures down with me for Dylan.

We played, starting with just one mech, vehicle and two infantry bases each, using the Solaris map to begin with and simplified starter rules. After getting the hang of the basic introductory rules, we introduced some more rules, like facing and indirect fire etc. Each time we played a new game we added a couple of new rules for Dylan to learn. We also played on the garden table, and on the floor of his bedroom. So Dylan also knows how to either count hexes, or measure the movement for his mechs.

By the end of the weekend we were fielding up to 6 mechs, with a bunch of vehicles and infantry in support. We also added pilot and equipment cards for the last two games we played. Dylan was quite keen to play. It probably helped that I had given him the Robotech DVDs the last time I visited, so he was all primed for giant stompy robot mech action.


  1. Chello!

    My 12 y.o. daughter recently expressed an interest in CBT. We've only played one game, Wasp vs. Valkyrie. Next game should be 2 mediums each. Then maybe 2 Vindicators (me) against a Highlander, then reverse that.

    Then try lance vs. lance. :)

  2. I suggest you add vehicle and infantry, as they make good target too, but YMMV on that one.

  3. Chello!

    Oh, that's next on the list once I get the Mechs down for her. I always try to build an "integrated arms" unit for play.